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They are usually simply referred to as "Chinese" in Malaysia, Orang Cina in Malay, and Huaren (Chinese people) or Huaqiao (Overseas Chinese) by Chinese themselves. Hokkien), Yue (Cantonese) and Hakka-speaking ancestry, and different towns and cities in Malaysia may be dominated by different Chinese dialects among Chinese speakers, for example Cantonese in Kuala Lumpur, and Hokkien in Penang; Mandarin however is now also widely used.

Culturally, most Malaysian Chinese have maintained their Chinese heritage including their various dialects, although the descendants of the earliest Chinese migrants who arrived from the 15th to 17th century have assimilated aspects of the Malay culture and they form a distinct subethnic group known as the Peranakan or Baba-Nyonya.

The descendants of this wave, many of whom are of Hokkien ancestry, adapted to the customs of local Malays while retaining parts of their ancestral culture.

They are called Peranakan, or Baba for their menfolk and Nyonya for the females.

According to the 1991 census, 113,000 Sabahans identified themselves as being of Hakka descent.

This is a clear majority over the Cantonese, of whom there were 28,000, making them a distant second.

While the Chinese population was largely transient, and many coolies returned to China on a frequent basis, 29 percent of the Chinese population were local-born, most of whom were the offspring of first-generation Chinese immigrants.

The British government began to impose restrictions on migration during the 1930s, but the difference between the number of Chinese and Malays continued to decrease even after World War II.

The first wave of Hokkien settled primarily in Malacca where they constitute a mere 3 percent of Malacca's Chinese population and are called Peranakan.Malaysian Chinese form the second largest community of Overseas Chinese in the world, after Thailand.

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