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15-Jul-2016 02:00

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is easy to pick up and browse through, bookmark and leave by the bedside table. Karlyn Lotney is also known as Fairy Butch, the lesbian sex columnist in Curve magazine.

If you are interested in exploring strap-on sex with a harness and dildo, this is THE reference guide.

Several of the other candidates we looked at were well-written (certainly better written than the Carroll) but too perfunctory.

I don’t blame novelists for not wanting to write longer sex scenes, given the widespread discomfort with the idea evidenced by stuff like the Bad Sex Awards, but since this contest is meant to celebrate the ones who do, I did downgrade a candidate for not actually writing about the sex itself.

In the case of “Freedom,” the hurt and anger Walter feels towards his wife makes the much-anticipated tryst with his assistant less unequivocally thrilling than he hoped.I love the line “I made none of my usual flourishes,” though!My two favorite excerpts, Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom” and James Hynes’ “Next,” are great at capturing the way an erotic experience can be shot through with ambivalence, as well as fleeting thoughts and feelings about unrelated stuff.Below, our panelist of four judges — Louis Bayard, Maud Newton, Walter Kirn and our own Laura Miller — discuss what they learned from the eight nominees, and how they settled on the winner: James Hynes’ “Next,” a scene in which a middle-aged Austinite recalls a steamy encounter on a farmhouse porch.

(The whole excerpt is worth a read.) But what makes that scene better than runner-up, Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom”?

With tips on dealing with issues like infidelity, different sex drives and sex after menopause, Dr. Although this book is not specifically for lesbians, it is lesbian-friendly.