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17-Apr-2016 08:51

Heroic Leap isn't available yet and Raging Blow is up there. I would like to see a prime glyph (maybe only major) that gives us a reliable fear that can act as a CC. Now that would give us something very reliable as a PVE CC, yet not imbalanced for Pv P.

Like : "Glyph of Intimidating Roar" : You intimidating shout now fear only one target, for an extra 12 seconds, cowering it in place.

Alot of abilities in Wo D change your stance for you. Colossus Smash requires you to be in battle stance, it will change your stance even if you don't.

I imagine in Wo D alot of people will keep their eyes out for warriors using Col smash during their rotations, and the new Battle/Defence stance buff that is applied to kill Warriors 100/0 in stuns. Finally, although it's not Warrior based it's good to know healthstone's don't reset their CD unless you leave combat, if you're playing wls don't forget to leave combat for second to restart the cooldown.

A Warlock can glyph Seduction so that Do Ts are removed from the target it is being cast is true, But maybe only affect a targeted played seeing as we have to have someone targeted to use the fear, maybe they could do something around that.

But cant really complain about it in its current state.

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Warrior's own bleed ticks alone definitely should be below threshold.

But when I try to do the Research I get the "Nothing left to discover" message.

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