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24-Feb-2017 18:10

Lee Hwi Jae seems to know what's going on.""I guess we'll find out when they get married together or separately later.Just like how Sunye adamantly claimed Park Tae Hwan was just her best friend but he didn't attend her wedding ㅋㅋ""The fact that it's Lee Hwi Jae pretty much just confirms it...There is one upside to all this though — one of my biggest pet peeves with writer Kim Eun-sook is the way she writes adults like they’re fifteen…which means maybe she’ll be perfectly suited to write a high school drama.It’s described as a trendy drama about rich high school students, and their loves and friendships.A couple of posts about the topic on Pann have been coming up often lately, and as usual, everyone is absolutely sure that the two are dating.- This is a direct translation of the first best reply: [ 164, -7] Fans already know that they're dating, just that they're keeping quiet about it.

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The drama will be about upper crust high schoolers, so it really will be another .They never intended to take their relationship public so of course he'll deny it.2. Even if they're dating, they have to deny it and just say they're friends3.

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