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01-Apr-2016 12:24

Not too long after he was approached by casting director in a club to appear on the fourth season of The Amazing Race.

He went into CBS the next day and of course went on to star in and win the series and the million-dollar first prize.

“I had a lot of reservations about doing the show,” says Lehmkuhl.

“Rodiney and I had been dating for less than two months when we started filming, but I knew this was a great opportunity for him.

He’d been looking for work here in the States so I decided to put the scary thoughts to one side and just do it.

In the end it was kind of a disaster.” The disaster he’s referring to occurred midway through the first season when Rodiney read text messages on Reichen’s mobile phone and concluded he was seeing someone behind his back, an accusation Lehmkuhl strongly denies. The most shocking revelation of this retelling for me is that reality television is just that: real.

He’s had famous boyfriends in the past and has seen relationships suffer under media attention.

In spite of having lived a life on and through reality television I get the feeling he’ll settle down with someone far removed from the world of entertainment. I’ll be happy if he’s just wants to chill out and be away from all that.

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His friends invited me out one night and we began to hang out more and more. I found him fascinating not just because of what he’d done and where he’d been at such an early age, he was just a very smart guy. I would love to be building a 5,000 sq ft cabin on a lake in Maine. What I’m doing now feels like a means to and end.” This isn’t what I expect.For a short time after winning the show he could do no wrong for the gay community.

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