Who has holly hunter dating

25-May-2016 08:15

He gains a second daily smite evil use at level 5, and a third at level 10.

If the holy hunter has the smite evil ability from another class, the smite evil uses gained from holy hunter levels are in addition to these other uses.

ARCHERY: The holy hunter gains Ranged Smite as a bonus feat (This does not have to be Smite Evil. If he already has this feat, he may choose another archery-related feat for which he qualifies.

TWO-WEAPON FIGHTING: The holy hunter may subtract his Charisma modifier (if any) from the related TWF penalties on any attack against an evil target (min 0 penalty).

He may also simply choose to gain the Smite Evil ability, instead of gaining additional uses of this other Smite class ability.

: Because of their religious service, holy hunters often find themselves facing the same sorts of enemies over and over again.

All of the following are class features of the Holy Hunter.

At first level the holy hunter may substitute any of his existing favored enemies for choices from the following: undead, aberrations, dragons, monstrous humanoids, or evil outsiders.

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