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We are working with SCEA to make it happen in the USA too.No date, sadly.” If you want a reason for the holdup, @War Thunder suggests you “try to politely ask SCEA.When Gaijin Entertainment announced War Thunder release for the next-gen Play Station 4 console, we were going to give pilots using PC and PS4 the ability to play with each other. The game update that will fully synchronize the versions and enable the cross-play function has already been developed and approved by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Thanks to the game’s painstaking attention to detail, you’ll truly feel like a World War II warrior in the air and on land as you plunge into battle.

v=DQk U-z NMe VU A new MMO centred around WW2 planes. Did all the tutorials and just had my first game and I got owned lol, my planes are so shit compared to everyone elses. __________________ My PC - ASrock X99X Killer/3.1, i7 5820k @ 4.2Ghz, G.

Skill Ripjaws 4x8gb 2400Mhz DDR4, Asus GTX 1080 Strix, OCZ 1250W, Fractal Design Define XL, Acer Predator XB271HU, Dell U2711. Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb 2133Mhz DDR3, Gigabyte GTX 780 , Antec 1000W PSU, Antec P193 case, Samsung 55". Didn't even read the email they sent me till I was like wtf.

For aircraft, games are played in either "Ground Strike," where in order to win players must destroy all enemy ground units, shoot down all enemy aircraft, destroy the enemy airfield and bombing points, "Domination", which consists of seizing enemy airfields by touching down on them for about five seconds, causing the enemy team to lose points, or "Air Domination", which requires players to have total control over an area of airspace for long enough to capture it.

Also, to help simplify aiming, a 'leading marker' appears when an enemy plane is in range.Players retain the option to have flaps, trim and engine controls automatically controlled in Simulator mode.