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I can't wait, I can't take it- just kick me in the face and go and have some stupid fun.Well you have all this potential why must you be such a simpleminded, insecure, smothering freak.

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Does a spot on prime time TV Land justify the ruination of a fisherman That could've been me cries the albacore With the carnage sealed hermetically In the killing fields of local canneries It's a Dolphin Safe atrocity (Flippery frippery)[Chorus:] Metal gafs are flying As the innocent keep dying But are we only crying For God's creatures not worth frying?

Disproportioned Head is about a real person the band knows, as is Where's Your Dignity? And as the lights go dim, don’t think it’s all so grim. CHORUS: Set the controls for the farthest star and fly away. No one here is going to miss you much but I wish you luck on your trip- run away. Planet earth never offered much, just culture shock and and a lot of strange looks from the native assholes.

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