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i think them equivalency charts are inaccurate, from my own personal experience.It says that 10mg of valium = .5 xanax/.5 klonopin.....i have been on Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, and Valium throughout the years, and when it comes to me taking a .5 of xanax, i feel NOTHING, when i take 10mg of valium, i do feel SOMETHING alot more then .5 xanax.If potency had everything to do with recreational potential alot more people would rather fentanyl then heroin or hydromorphone but thats not the case now is it.yes, i also find diazepam to be much more recreational than lorazepam.But that says nothing about lorazepam's therapeutic advantages.infact tomorrow i may go for an afternoon walk down to the lake and smoke a small joint that my friend gave me,probably take the 10mg lorazepam around 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to my walk. I won't vouch for it for recreational purposes, but it is excellent for therapeutic reasons.

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I don't feel anything off ativan if i take it by itself but it feels really nice mixed with temazepam for some reason.

I don't, but I know a couple people who swear they do.

One refuses to take them for this reason, the other loves it so much she will literally turn tricks for them.

Im on valium right now, he tapered me off of 4mg daily xanax by using valium, and with that experience im confident to say 10mg valium =1mg xanax...along with years of being on benzo's...listen to ur body not the charts I would also (based on personal experiance, not charts) say one mg of xanax, ativan, or klonopin is close enough to 10 mgs valium I seriosly dought I could tell them apart if I didn't know which I'd taken, other than the duration.

Off topic a little, do any of you get visuals off high doses of ativan?

By itself i like it more then xanax but much less so then clonazepam, valium or temazepam.