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24-Jun-2015 05:33

Please make sure that your new php folder name is not “PHP”. May be you can use filder name as the version name. Before you begin, make sure you backup your databases to files and export all users to a file.Make sure to stop mysql, but there is no need to uninstall the service. Ctrl c or ctrl x just website folders under C:\XAMPP\htdocs\*… Install there new version of XAMPP (in security options you have to write the same passwords and usernames you had before) 5.Support for XAMPP is limited to the community forums and a brief FAQ at the Apache Friends website.

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This might leave you wondering why you’d bother updating XAMPP at all. The biggest reason to update XAMPP is to get access to a newer version of PHP.[ratings]Lots of time you need to use multiple version of php for your different project.In this case either you want to install xampp on different port or you can install one xampp and upgrade php.Copy content of older C:\XAMPP_old\mysql\data\*\ to C:\XAMPP\mysql\data\*\ and skip the file 8.

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If you did changes in previous xampp of file under C:\XAMPP\apache\conf\extra\ don’t forget to copy it right and create folder C:\XAMPP\log 9.So first download your desired version of php binary from website. If you are using XAMPP then your webserver is apache. Also read the compiler suggestion carefully on the net site. I have recently posted on How to Upgrade to PHP7 in XAMPP and How to install xdebug in XAMPP mac and windows.

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