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18-Dec-2015 20:32

Interlanguage is based on the theory that there is a dormant psychological framework in the human brain that is activated when one attempts to learn a second language.Interlanguage theory is often credited to Larry Selinker, who coined the terms "interlanguage" and "fossilization." Uriel Weinreich is credited with providing the foundational information that was the basis of Selinker's research.Variability in learner language distinguishes between "free variation", which has not been shown to be systematically related to accompanying linguistic or social features, and "systematic variation", which has.Free variation in the use of a language feature is usually taken as a sign that it has not been fully acquired.Although this was initially done to validate the claims of contrastive analysis, researchers found that many learner behaviours could not be easily explained by transfer from learners' L1 to their L2.

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Learner language varies much more than native-speaker language.Before interlanguage hypothesis rose to prominence, the principal theory of second-language (L2) development was contrastive analysis.

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