Updating one table from another table

25-Aug-2016 20:38

updating one table from another table-42

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This would still mean maunally adding the asset #'s in the table. My issue is knowing what has been added or removed.

I was hoping that I could have access do that for me.

If you build the table once, then the it would be almost automatic from then on.

If you really need to know what has been added or deleted, then do a make table query after joining the two tables. The next time you update, save the table with another unique name. This will tell you everything that does not match on the two tables.

This data is created through a diffrent system that is updated as equipment is purchased/decomissioned. To this new table, I need to add servicing info (such as service vendor, supplies needed, etc.). If you link your outside table, then it will always be up to date as your source data is linked and not imported.

Ok, this is the first time I'm trying something like this, so I don't have a frame of reference to start from.

I was hoping to be able to pull the needed data from the source (which I have) into a new table.

Then to this table add a few more fields (service and supply info), which again I have done.

As soon as the team1_id, team2_id and series_id information is added in "Matches" table the "series" table gets updated according to the format given below.

I want a database procedure which will select distinct team_ids from each series when data is saved in the matches table and then the procedure would automatically update the series table with team_id's and the series_id so what I require is that procedure should automaticlally update the "series" table in the following format based on the data entered in the "Matches" table.I have made a query to pull needed equipment information from it to generate reports/labels.