Updating mac os for imac

17-Aug-2014 09:10

updating mac os for imac-78

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You’ll need OS X 10.7.5 “Lion” or later installed, along with at least 2 GB RAM and 8.8 GB of available storage to manage the upgrade.

Some features of Sierra – Apple Pay and Apple Watch unlock, for example – require other compatible devices running up to date software.

When you open it, Sierra downloads the original from i Cloud so you can keep working.

There’s always the possibility that stuff you depend on will stop working, at least until it’s updated. Sierra’s tentpole features include Siri, Universal Clipboard, security unlock using your Apple Watch, better integration with i Cloud Drive, Apple Pay support, optimized storage and more.

Now you can use Siri on the Mac to schedule appointments, play music, set up reminders, find files and do lots more.

In general, any Mac built since late 2009 can run Sierra.

That’s a bit more than El Capitan, which supported Macs built since 2008.Sierra can also prompt you to remove duplicate files and remove clutter – app installers you don’t need, for example, or installer cache files.