Updating database excel odbc

28-Oct-2015 21:33

Now there are several ways to import data into a database table – linked servers, ODBC, bcp, bulk insert, SSIS, etc., but server logistics can sometimes get in the way.

I find the easiest way to apply data changes is to create TSQL statements right in the same spreadsheet wrapped around the data.

However, because external data is controlled by different software and can be used interactively by users working outside of File Maker software, there are certain actions you can take to assure you have the latest record data and table schema.

To display the latest data from an ODBC data source: Note After you synchronize, any field options you set in File Maker Pro might be reset if the ODBC data source doesn't force that option.

Top of Page To find connection files, use the Existing Connections dialog box.

The data may be stored directly in the workbook, or it may be stored in an external data source, such as a text file, a database, or an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube.They can then be copied into a script for later execution, or executed immediately in SSMS (or your favorite database interface tool).Obviously this method can only be used within Excel limitations, but I’ve had no problem using it to modify or populate several thousands of rows.After you edit the connection information (with the exception of the Connection Name and Connection Description properties), the link to the connection file is removed and the Connection File property is cleared.

To ensure that the connection file is always used when a data source is refreshed, click Always attempt to use this file to refresh this data on the Definition tab.If the data source is a database, make sure that the database is not opened in exclusive mode.

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