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The former searches for all users, while the latter applies to people within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.It takes advantage of the same i OS 7 tool Apple uses for its Air Drop feature, pictured right Instead of sending messages using mobile or data signal, the features lets users send messages to people in close proximity that are in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct range - up to around 30 feet (9 metres).Where are the silver suits and meals in pill form we were promised?!Anyway, Jo Firestone joins Dave in Studio A for a night of mayhem and such. | See the playlist | Listen: December 26, 2016: It's Boxing Day somewhere as Dave broadcasts from a remote bunker in Northeast Ohio with very little food and water. | See the playlist | Listen: December 19, 2016: It's the last Monday before Christmas and no one can believe it.| See the playlist | Listen: January 16, 2017: Dave has just returned from scenic San Francisco as he welcomes Patriot's Dave star Themo Melikidze and resident young person Elliot Brietta to studio A for a night of tough talk and reasonably good times.| See the playlist | Listen: January 9, 2017: It's cold outside but it's scorching hot in studio A as Dave welcomes comedians Greg Barris and Mike Bocchetti as well as pop group Zone 5 to the program.

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Not sure whether she'll be thrilled though...?!Also, Dave got a haircut and you can hear the difference!