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What is also quite evident through this table is the proximity a language may have to Etruscan.

When we see what appears to be a "borrowed word" in Etruscan from another language, we realize that any borrowing that may have taken place in the exchange would have ocurred more than two thousand years ago. He was born 106 BC, in Arpinum, Latium (now Arpino, Italy) and died Dec. No language is separate from its artifacts, and perhaps the most significant artifact we can realize from an ancient civilization is its own record.

The appellation appeared to be, "Ati gerius" and I translated it as being the ancestoral patriarch Attis/Atys of Lydia, and the devotees in the script being the sons/daughters of Atys.

Applying the Albanian word for father, Ate, and Albania njeri, beginning, leaves also the translation, "father of the beginning," i.e., god.

It should be noted that the foundation of the Etruscan vocabulary is based upon the isolation of individual words and phrases without at first regard for meaning and the establishment of grammatical patterns, where shifts in the affix of words could be discerned.

These shifts resembled the Indo-European declension pattern, and the over-all pattern was and continues to be that of a language related to Latin.

I have exposed two classifications or orders of languages which have an affinity to Etruscan.The first order I have colored in to expose Indo-European languages favoring an eastern relationship.The blue links may, in fact, expose an older, perhaps Eastern, branch which would have included Greek, Sanskrit, Etruscan, French/Gaelic and Albanian sources.Living in small clans and villages they were destined to be more democratic, relying upon a council of elders to regulate their routines.

Heading up each group would be an elected chief or regent.

The table will continue to grow in length as more words from the Etruscan vocabulary are added.