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When Devayaani learns about this, she breaks the rule and comes to see him.

The people take her to the place where they have to do rituals and send her to the mountain. Premachandran informs everyone and takes her to his home.

When a water shortage occurs the leader (Nedumudi Venu) sends a person (Ashokan) to inform Premachandran (Dileep) of the situation and request him to come to Swapnabhoomi and dig a well.

Because of his poverty, he accepts the advance and agrees.

One day a man discovers their love and informs the head. If Premachandran disobeys, they will kill him or if Devayaani disobeys, then they will send her to a mountain where man eaters live.

The head tells Premachandran that, if the well fills with water, then he can marry Devayaani.

But fate changes the course and outcome of their life and love.

The only way Gopalakrishnan can escape from certain bankruptcy is to sell the property he owns in the city and use the proceeds to settle his debts.

Through a series of events he meets and falls in love with Kavya there and plans to get married.

Kochu Thresia, is a rich widow, who craves to 'live' life, but is alienated by her children who are caught in the rat race for making money. See full summary » Govardhan, a doctor by profession, is wrongly accused of bombing a train and is jailed by the British in Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

He witnesses the sufferings of hundreds of Indian prisoners there.

Sundarkkilladi (English: Handsome Player) is a 1998 Malayalam film directed by Murali krishnan and stars Dileep, Shalini Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Nandu, Reshmi Boban, Asokan in the lead.

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Swapnabhoomi is a village where strange customs and rituals exist.He has memories of a girl named Gayathri (Kaveri), whom he met briefly and wishes to find again. Rajasekhar finds out that Gautham is suffering from split personality and has forgotten a lot of things, including the details of Gayathri's disappearance. Rajasekhar finds out that Gautham is looking for Shanmugam and his two friends, who Gautham feels have killed Gayathri. Because of the affection and care shown by his mother, Gautham slowly recovers all the missing details about why and how he got to where he is.