Stoner dating tips

30-May-2016 22:15

Leaving him altogether is out of the question -- I truly do love him -- but it's incredibly hard to love and care about someone when I'm always worried -- wondering if they got home alright driving, or if they blacked out again from smoking and drinking too much.

He really is an amazing guy, he just makes the dumbest decisions. He'll be attending college soon and is looking for a job, and I don't want to see him ruin his future over something so worthless and petty.

) with their date ideas, because unfortunately we aren´t yet allowed to spark up a doobie in a bar.

Enjoy the eight best date ideas for your next date with the herb!

When I first met him, I knew he smoked and I made it clear how against it I was, and he told me he wanted me to help him stop and that it would be his goal. As we grew closer, he would tell me that he stopped for a day or two then started back up again.

Go prepared with some doobies or your piece and your bag.

This date actually comes with a “smoke during the date” option, because you´ll be outside.

If either you or your date are into films and documentaries, this is the perfect thing to do after smoking a doobie together.

This movie experience makes you feel like you are almost in the movie, and is should make your stoned date a very interesting one.He has only smoked in front of me once, which caused a major fight where we didn't talk for almost two weeks.

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