Spot online dating players

10-Feb-2015 15:14

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As it turned out, the human raters were no better than chance in picking out the online deceivers.

What's more, they based their judgments solely on the length of the self-descriptions.

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Looking at actual online readers, Toma and Hancock next recruited a sample of 62 undergraduates to read some of the self-descriptions the computer had already analyzed.

Go back and double check within the profile to make sure it all fits together. The person strying to sway you will try to avoid negative associations.

You could also, if you are seriously interested in pursuing a relationship with this person, resort to a Google search. The liar will want you to feel warm and fuzzy, not uncomfortable: "It's all good." An unrealistically positive image may be just that—unrealistic. Watch out for the "we's." Avoid being drawn into the liar's web of deception that puts you and a stranger on a par.

The less said, the less likely they are to be caught in a lie.

Third, liars stayed away from expressing negative emotions.

They wanted to exude a positive image, and that meant leaving out anything that could be interpreted as a downer.