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With a current populace of 127 million, some estimates put that by 2060, there will only be 87 million people in Japan – a staggering decline of 40 million.

Nearly half of those remaining will be over 65, which will put unprecedented pressure on their taxpayers, with the very real potential to collapse Japan’s economy as the fiscal pyramid is inverted and their ability to provide financial support for retirees diminishes.

Here's what we're gonna do: buy a bunch of one-off lovedolls for real cheap, right?

Then rebrand them with a big 'NOW WITH 200% MORE SPOONING ACTION' on the box.

The culture, which is estimated to be worth ¥2 trillion annually ( billion) is now used to described a gamut of interests, focused mainly around manga, anime, gaming, figurines, idols and cosplay.

Akihabara is the spiritual home of Otaku culture and is considered by some to be hallowed ground – a pseudo-sacred district catering to Otakus in every way imaginable.

It has the fastest negative population growth in the world, and that's because hardly anyone is having babies.Herbivores, many of whom can also be referred to as “parasite singles” (those who live at home well into their 20s and live off their parents whilst enjoying a life of self-indulgence) have played a major role in the renaissance of Otaku culture.The term was once used in a derogatory manner to describe individuals with obsessive interests rarely venturing from their rooms, has evolved to a point where 40% of Japan’s students now identify with the term.For an extra twenty bucks I could also choose to dress my hug-tician from a long list of outfit options including business shirts, sailor moon outfits and cats etc.

I decided to roll with the schoolgirl ensemble, and even this came with customisable options, I chose a brown chequered skirt, matching cardigan and a white shirt. She was short, slim, attractive, slender faced, pig tailed and wearing Hello Kitty jelly sandals.In these difficult times, the Japanese are putting marriage and families on the back burner and seeking recreational love and affection as a form of cheap escape with no strings attached.

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