Social cohesion updating the state of the research

02-Sep-2014 09:28

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The increasing economic prosperity of many developing countries lays the groundwork for improving the lives of their citizens.Consequently, this brings new challenges and an urgent need for new and improved social and environmental policies.How children are schooled is important to build their sense of belonging to a society.Greater inclusiveness of schools for all social groups can also result from the development of teaching techniques and curricula that foster diversity and enhance positive perceptions of others within the system and society.With that being said, governments should not neglect to address the toils of an emerging middle class nor underestimate their ability to mobilise and exert pressure for more open and transparent government practices and increased service provision standards.

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Active use of minimum wages to increase incomes should therefore not be a substitute for effective social policy and for ensuring that labour market institutions fulfil their price-setting role efficiently.

Reforms setting out guarantees for workers and collective bargaining systems can begin to establish institutions that will assist markets in adjusting prices to the new labour market regime more smoothly, while ensuring that wages reflect productivity increases.

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