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Today, the Huffington Post revealed that the NSA is using this incredible power to track who visits online porn websites, and to use this information to discredit those it deems dangerous.Their porn habits would then be "exploited to undermine a target's credibility, reputation and authority." The story was illustrated with six individuals, none of whom are designated terrorists themselves.One of the NSA men they encounter warns them the truth “won’t fit inside your brain”—a line strongly recommended to the president for his next press conference. Good Will Hunting (1997)One of Good Will Hunting’s edge-of-believable, genius-level monologues is inspired by the title character being offered a job by the NSA.When the smarmy suit asks Matt Damon why he wouldn’t want to work for the agency, he launches into a two-minute speech about the ills of American foreign policy: It all starts with innocent Will Hunting cracking a code for the NSA, which leads to a village being bombed, his buddy from Southie being maimed, and innocent animals being coated with oil. gets laid in John Carpenter’s sci-fi love story Starman, in which an alien whose spaceship has been shot down in Wisconsin drives to Arizona with a young widow (Karen Allen), after taking on the human form of her husband (Jeff Bridges).Her grieving process is complicated by the assurances she receives from everyone—including her husband and her psychiatrist—that she’s out of her mind, and she never really had a son at all.After she befriends Dominic West, a drunk who may have lost a daughter in the same crash, the two of them are hounded by NSA agents who, it turns out, are in cahoots with extraterrestrials who are engaged in a science project intended to determine whether all connections between a human mother and her child can be broken, including memory.Congress needs to take action now to rein in the spying. Mercury Rising (1998)Despite recent “leaks” that the National Security Agency has been conducting intrusive surveillance of American lives, it’s hardly a revelation to anyone who’s been paying attention to the movies.

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The USTR negotiates treaties (like the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership), and one could certainly imagine that the leverage from this program could be useful in pushing for the US position.

— P R E V I E W — In Revolution Studios’ follow-up to the successful franchise film XXX, NSA Agent Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Schmidt (Big Fish, XXX, We Were Soldiers), written by Rich Wilkes (XXX) and Simon Kinberg (Mr. Smith) and directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day).

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