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Sekai confronts him about his unfaithfulness and breaks up with him, but Makoto confesses his love to her and is able to win her back.However, Kotonoha takes it very badly and declares that he and Sekai will never be happy together.All the endings have a main menu picture, which replaces the old one when the player finishes a play-through.When the player gets every single ending a special main menu picture permanently becomes active, which cannot be changed.She obtains a key to Makoto's home and proceeds to hear Makoto and Sekai having sex many times until she gets on the balcony and sees a hacksaw.She starts to laugh maniacally and disappears after this.The Days series of games each have multiple endings which can be received depending on the player's choices.

Right as he's wondering where Sekai is, she suddenly appears and stabs him.

Compared to the original game, Cross Days features more bad endings than its predecessor but isn't as graphic in violence.

According to the route map Cross Days has Depending on the route, Makoto breaks up with Kotonoha or simply starts ignoring her to see Sekai.

It's important to note that all bad endings don't lead to catastrophic scenarios, some of the bad endings are inconclusive and end the game abruptly.

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The endings are divided as follows: In Cross Days, most of the endings are devoted to Roka, however, depending on Yuuki's involvements with Ai or Makoto their ending can be reached too.

After a while, Kotonoha meets Sekai and Makoto on a train station overpass.