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05-Feb-2016 17:40

In the many years I worked for U2U, I worked as technical assistant for Patrick Tisseghem who unfortunately died on 3th September 2008.

Together with Patrick we developed the alfa and beta versions of the Silverlight Blue Print for Share Point which contains several samples on how to integrate Silverlight with Share Point. I’m also board member of the belgian user group BIWUG.

In Share Point you can add event handlers to the different lists, document libraries and content types within a Share Point site. Event handlers defined for these events are executed before the operation is executed on the content database.

You can define event handlers for the different operations on list items, like adding a list item, updating a list item or deleting a list item. Events ending by –ing are synchronous events: Item Adding, Item Updating, Item Deleting.

An advantage of using Item Updating to set field values is that the values will be visible to the user after they submit their changes in a non-datasheet view.

Because Item Updated is asynchronous, the user may not see their new values when they see the list after submitting the edit.

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I have a list in the rootweb, and a list in a subweb.(no updates required since you are changing the value before it gets saved) I would verify that your Event Receiver is attached to the list.Are you able to debug your Event Receiver when you modify an item in the list? It appears no matter what you do to the after properties it doesn't change anything It is nice to update Title in Item Adding and Item Updating events since extra Updates are avoided (without Disable Event Firing), and the "Edit Properties view" will already have the Title filled in Some code example to update title based on filename. For working with Title in Lists, ["Title"] needs to be used.Allow Unsafe Update is a property on the SPSite and SPWeb objects.

You can set it to true to avoid security validation before the changes are written to the content database.Anyway, because I was having challenges with the code above (again, because I think the Silverlight form may be overriding the field after the Item Updating event fires), I have tried the following code: First off, the above seems a little klunky to me as I would love to just use the After Properties method.

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