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[NOTE: They were NOT looking at photographs of female genitalia or vaginas. Here’s another ridiculous misconception that even text books get wrong. ] The boy chose a photo of a shaved pubis because it “looked cleaner” (and because this is the image he was most familiar with).

He continued to say that if his girlfriend had pubic hair and was unshaven, he would have to leave her.

Sex positive lessons reiterate that the sex that children may have seen on pornographic websites and on DVDs isn’t true to life and is far more gratuitous and empty than the real thing.

It’s also likely to be exploitative, sexist and mysogynistic.

An education based on dialogue and a Socratic form of learning that leads to empowering our youngsters so that they too can enjoy a stimulating and satisfying relationship with their future sexual partners – they are emotionally and physically ready.……………………………………………………….

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a 2011 Hong Kong 3-D erotic costume drama film directed by Christopher Suen and produced by Stephen Shiu.

Being sex positive goes beyond mere consent for sexual activity.

Young people have said that if we, the teachers, as consenting adults consider and act on all these negative aspects of sex, then why are we having sex ourselves? The second of the “Sex in Class” programmes began with a couple of facts: Consider this. Why do we shyly acknowledge that young people are getting frequently erroneous or misleading information from porn sites and do nothing to contradict or counteract it?