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What started out as a small restaurant in Birmingham morphed into an Alabama institution when one night in 1974, a completely-not-intoxicated female patron streaked across the restaurant.Clearly a big hit, owner Sammy Cantavespre took the hint and started bringing in naked women When you’re in a state with an uncomfortably high male-to-female ratio, strippers know one thing: guys will pay A LOT to see them naked.

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Paper Moon (address and info) A tough call here with several clubs in Arkansas receiving the coveted three-star rating on Yelp.The biggest club in Delaware spans 10,000 sqft and plays “mainstream” tunes during the day before switching to “urban” at 9pm every night.Which, if you read between the lines, means this is probably the best place to make it rain in Delaware.With apologies to all the great Chi-town clubs, this spot in the St. One Yelp reviewer was so blown away by this 25-year old Fort Wayne institution that he exclaimed, “Hottest women I’ve seen in Indiana!

” Now it’s a big state, and this might be hyperbole.

So if you’re in Louisville, and you’re either female or with a female who appreciates strippers, hit this spot. from Jeffersonville, IN, said it best: “It is totally possible for a big group of straight ladies to have a great time in this place.” Although, you should know, lap dances do cost .