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17-Apr-2016 22:19

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Replies starting with RPL_ contain information for the client, for example RPL_ISUPPORT tells the client which features the server understands and RPL_MOTD indicates the Message Of The Day (MOTD).

In contrast to this, ERR_NOMOTD is an error message if no MOTD is available.

Due to the lack of clean design, the whole SDBot family is harder to analyze.

Often the command set is changed in various forks of the same bot and thus an automated analysis of the implemented commands is nearly impossible.

Upon successful exploitation the bot will message the owner about it, if it has been advised to do so.

Once an attacker is authenticated, they can do whatever they want with the bots: Searching for sensitive information on all compromised machines and DCC-sending these files to another machine, DDo S-ing individuals or organizations, or enabling a keylogger and looking for Pay Pal or e Bay account information.When using party or guild chat, you need to include in your message the call Sign set in its