Scorpio man and pisces woman dating bibbia cristiana cattolica online

30-Jun-2015 04:47

Scorpio's role is to probe deeply, control, and contain emotions. There are no two signs capable of understanding the emotional needs of the other better than Scorpio and Pisces.There's an emotional depth to Scorpio that not everyone is ready to face, but Pisces is ready to take on anything in the field of emotions. Scorpio wants to go deep to explore all their dark and forbidden emotions, and Pisces can easily slip into Scorpio's dark forbidden emotional world.Eager to please, the Pisces woman is open to all avenues of sexual expression.

Sex for her is a merging that is timeless and spaceless.

When seeking intimacy with a Scorpio male, consider the following: The Pisces woman is a paradox and an enigma.

Sexually she's flirtatious, romantic, emotionally open, gentle, passionate, boundaryless, and predictably unpredictable.

Also, she is a lady who pays extreme attention to detail.

Whether it is with her clothes or her life, she will always ensure that she looks and does her best.Though the Pisces woman will carry an air of uncertainty in the bedroom as well, the Scorpio man will take charge here, just as he does in routine life and rise to the occasion.