Sax sudan

04-Nov-2014 22:46

2013 marked the first year that UNICEF provided data on child marriage in South Sudan, Africa’s newest state.52% of girls in South Sudan are married before their 18th birthday [1].Islam imposes a standard of conduct encouraging generosity, fairness, and honesty towards other Muslims.Sudanese Arabs, especially those who are wealthy, are expected by their coreligionists to be generous.The well-to-do perform little work during Ramadan, and many businesses close or operate on reduced schedules.In the early 1990s, its observance appeared to be widespread, especially in urban areas and among sedentary Sudanese Muslims.

Sunni Islam requires its adherents to follow the Five Pillars of Islam.

Sudanese Arabs descend primarily from migrants from the Arabian Peninsula and some of the pre-existing indigenous populations of Sudan, most predominantly the Nubian people who also share a common history with Egypt.

In addition, a few Arabian tribes existed in Sudan prior to the advent of Islam.

Africa There are calls for Sudan's government to do more - to stop human trafficking.

The African nation is used as a transit point by thousands of people from neighbouring Eritrea that are trying to reach the West.

It was noted in the late 19th century that the Arabic spoken in Sudan still largely maintained grammatical and dialectical features similar to that introduced from the Arabian Peninsula in the 12th century, and as a result Sudanese Arabic is a form of pure or "archaic Arabic." Sunni Islam in Sudan is not marked by a uniform body of belief and practice, however.