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13-Aug-2016 17:49

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Different game consoles, such as Play Station, Wii, and Xbox, all have karaoke games where you use an included microphone and song library to belt out tunes.

Not only can original ideas be more memorable, but they can cost less than doing the whole “dinner and a movie” drill.Instead of blowing wads of cash on something completely forgettable, he or she could instead be original and make a big splash with just a few bucks. Has your teen ever planned an original date without spending a lot of cash?Who says you have to be rich to plan a perfect night out with your sweetie?As you may remember, part of being a teen is about gaining independence – and if you are now the parent of a teen, you are likely reminded of this on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, hopes for gaining independence are often dashed when your teen has to ask you for the keys to the car or to spot him or her to go to the movies.

It’s cheap, you can use whatever games you have in your closet, and it keeps them at home and out of trouble – for one night, at least.