Regular expression for validating multiple email

27-Nov-2014 11:26

A complex regex validation on the email address doesn’t introduce an additional solution, it introduces an additional problem. Until it becomes approved use this expression so far:public const string Match Email Pattern = @"^(([\w-] \.) [\w-] |([a-z A-Z]|[\w-]))@" @"((([0-1]? Valid Ex: "VERY\\".unusual\"@strange.Invalid Ex: “very\unusual”· Quoted strings must be followed by dot character or the quotestring should be the only element in the local-part. [0-9]|2[0-5]))|([0-9a-z A-Z] [a-z A-Z-] [\w-] \.) ([a-z A-Z]|museum))$"I've published updated article version with "start with number"-domains and long TLDs. I have a question since i am not familiar with the Regular Expression.

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If (like me when I first saw this) you AREN’T experienced at Regex, it takes a while to parse. The local string (the part of the email address that comes before the @) can contain any of these characters: is a valid email address. For this reason, for a time I began running any email address against the following regular expression instead: Simple, right? This is often the most I do and, when paired with a confirmation field for the email address on your registration form, can alleviate most problems with user error.

Characters with following restrictions: Space and "(),:;@[] \Restrictions:· None of the above characters in the local part is allowedoutside quotation marks.· Quotes (“) and backslashes (\) may only exist when withinquoted strings and preceded by a backslash. [0-9]|25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]))|" @"([a-z A-Z0-9] [\w-] \.) [a-z A-Z][a-z A-Z0-9-])$"; Regards, Mykola Hi, Super article.

[0-9]|25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]))|" @"([a-z A-Z0-9] [\w-] \.) [a-z A-Z][a-z A-Z0-9-])$"; Regards, Mykola Maximum length up to 254 characters.[64 for Local-part]Valid characters in Local-Part: [a–z, A–Z, 0-9] ! ^ _ ` ~ International characters above U 007F are also permitted.

Changing " @"([a-z A-Z] [\w-] \.) [a-z A-Z])$";" to" @"([a-z A-Z0-9] [\w-] \.) [a-z A-Z])$";"seems to have fixed it for me.

I don't have much time to stay and debug tonight though.Using php I have never found a proper ready made solution.

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