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12-Jan-2015 22:33

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited Hang has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist Ling Man-Ka (Bernice Liu).

Hang doesn't believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. Age 26 Nickname: Sai Lei Mui (犀利妹) Police Tsui Hon Fei and Leung Sau Ngo's youngest and only daughter.

They are classmates from the 13th batch of TVB training class and collaborated in many series like Golden Faith, Twins of Brothers and Face to Fate etc…

The two of them filmed Eternal Happiness in 2001 and had rumours then.

However, Ling Ling (the newspaper) looked through the TVb forum and realised netizens posted a short clip of the anniversary awards night that was shocking.

Holding hands secretively Letting go of hands suddenly Acting as if nothing has happened.

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The rational Kingsley evaluates that he has fallen in love with Lai because of a neurotransmitter called phenethylamine.

Rumor has it that Yoyo is planning to leave TVB to join the rival company, HKTV.

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