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“Getting sucked into this made me feel really stupid,” Aileen said.

“My daughters said online dating wasn’t good for me anymore, so I started looking for alternatives.” Aileen then came across Searchmate, a bespoke dating service which featured on the first series of Channel 4's The Undateables.

Online dating can be a fun, exciting way to meet new people outside of your normal pool of friends and acquaintances.

But that selfsame anonymity can also be a double-edged sword, and open you up to a whole world of internet...

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The Great British Art of Flirting: We banter and we insult each other..badly as we can. If one party isn't interested, s/he can keep the level of banter the same. Just because I flirt with them doesn't mean I want a relationship with them other then just being friends .… continue reading »

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