Ps3 updating database

30-Jan-2016 06:25

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I threw all previous versions in with it because games and updates somehow randomly vanish and I can't figure out how.Hello Friends , Soo , I saw that there was no sensible guide/tutorial that can explain one to enter the PS3's Safe Mode.You will be promted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button, the Recovery menu will pop up: Warning : Rebuilding the database may in some case delete : Online PSN data, messages, playlists, changes on information screens, trimming information for pictures, self created albums, video thumbnails, video playback history, video resume information,registered peripherals and the HDD model and serial number. Try doing a complete backup to a external hard drive and wipe your PS3 clean with the “Restore PS3 System” option.To keep your PSN data, backup your “x Registry.sys” file in “/dev_flash2/etc/x Registry.sys” and restore after you’ve optimized your CFW. Q : My PS3 is stuck or froze during the rebuild database? Games are still freezing, lagging or returning to XMB you could try updating or using another “Game Manager”, some managers have troubles with different kind of CFW releases so always try to keep the loader up to date.* Try enabling BD-emulator in your game manager (should be enabled for each game separately).

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After you hear the 2 beeps take your finger off the power button.

This will restore your system to original including, formatting and erasing all of the data on the HD and returning all system settings to default.