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A 10-minute drive from the centre of Ciamis, The Priangan Boutique Hotel operates a 24-hour front desk.It houses bright rooms with air conditioning and an en suite bathroom. The Priangan Boutique Hotel is an hour's drive from Panjalu Lake, while Husein Sastranegara Airport and the centre of Bandung City are both 3 hours' drive away.The official name of the city during the colonial Dutch East Indies period was Bandoeng.The earliest reference to the area dates back to 1488, although archaeological findings suggest a type of Homo erectus species had long previously lived on the banks of the Cikapundung River and around the old lake of Bandung.Located 768 metres (2,520 feet) above sea level, approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles) south east of Jakarta, Bandung has cooler temperatures year-round than most other Indonesian cities.The city lies on a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains.

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Long-term volcanic activity has created fertile andisol soil in the north, suitable for intensive rice, fruit, tea, tobacco and coffee plantations.In 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor and conqueror of much of Europe including the Netherlands and its colonies, ordered the Dutch Indies Governor H. Daendels to improve the defensive systems of Java to protect against the British in India.Daendels built a road, stretching approximately 1,000 km (620 mi) from the west to the east coast of Java, passing through Bandung. Wiranatakusumah II, the Chief Administrator of the Bandung regency at that time, moved office from Krapyak, in the south, to a place near a pair of holy city wells (sumur Bandung), the present-day site of the city square (alun-alun).This topography provides a natural defense system, which was the primary reason for the Dutch East Indies government's plan to move the colony capital from Batavia (modern-day Jakarta) to Bandung.

The Dutch colonials first established tea plantations around the mountains in the eighteenth century, and a road was constructed to connect the plantation area to the colonial capital Batavia (180 kilometres (112 miles) to the northwest).

Two large-scale eruptions took place; the first formed the basin and the second (est.