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Elsewhere in the FFShrine logs, Nyberg jokes: “If you’re not willing to hook up with an 11 year old, you’re an ageist, we hate you, and you need to leave.” Nyberg told the chat room that she feared pedophilia might “run in the family” because her father is “dating someone 10 years younger than him” and because her brother’s girlfriend “isn’t legal.” Nyberg claims to have been the subject of some kind of investigation in the past. Nyberg expressed concern that they might find her encrypted drive, which contained what she described as “non-nude model” pictures.

She also admitted to hosting pictures of “ptms” (pre-teen models) on one of her websites.

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I embraced my childlover soul long ago.” Nyberg says she knows pedophiles: “I’ve probably known 8-12 pedo trannies,” she says.

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I also noticed that many – [bold]not all,[/bold] but many – of the ones who are available:(1) only want to date guys who are in their 20s and early 30s;(2) have never been in a long-term relationship; if you are in your 50s, and you have never had a relationship that lasted longer than a few dates or a few months, that could be a real problem;(3) just gave up on themselves, i.e., decided that they no longer had to take care of how they look (as in they don’t go near a gym and make exceptionally poor eating choices), and complain about their “ailments” as if they are 85 and in a nursing home;(4) are either just plain weird or have a harsh, bitter, jaded edge that is really unpleasant to be around. As I said, slim, but not nonexistent, so, hope springs eternal. It's a little annoying to me, but anyway it happens so you might as well try. Because younger guys looking for older men are looking for someone to take care of them.… continue reading »

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