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She has been very popular with the members, as well, so here is a s... I decided to stay just one night after I came back to Kuta. February 24, 2017 » Ria Went for a long walk, ready for action. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I really hoped to score tonight. I am really amazed sometimes, just to walk around and see all these t... February 8, 2017 » Going out in Phuket, Thailand I had a good sleep and took a long rest to prepare for partying in Phuket, tonight. the bad news: both girls that I showed you yesterday canceled for today. Went for a long walk today and ended up swimming in the pool at my hotel. She had a friend for me, saying that she is skinny and only 19yo. She was just bored and busy with her phone when I spotted her on my way back to my hotel. February 5, 2017 » Fafa special Fafa has been one of my favorite Chinese girls ever, with probably the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen. I chatted with 2 girls, both 21, that are ready to meet me tomorrow. She said that she had worries at home but anyways, she came to please me and that is exactly what ... I wanted to fuck her or hoped that she would bring me a girl.

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It’s cheap but you need to fuck her in that place and you need to be lucky wit... We met at 7pm, had a drink and ordered some food that was brought to my room an hour later. March 12, 2017 » Maria Today was finally my date with Fon and her sister Maria. I tried to convince them into a 3some but that was a bridge too far. March 10, 2017 » Foxylady hopping Got good news from Fon, guys! Found a nice gogo, where I talked with 4 different girls and got a “NO” ea...

March 4, 2017 » Fai I texted a few of my girls in town this morning and Fa was the first to reply. March 2, 2017 » Nun After my bad luck, yesterday, I really wanted to score some better luck for today. After yesterday’s fiasco, desperate times call for desperate measures. February 14, 2017 » Mod Here a very special reward vid for you guys, of this 18yo Sweetheart I met on the streets.

After some drinks, I finally found one where the attraction as mutual and went to my room with h...

I had a date with Ciara and Jenny at pm but they were 40 minutes late. Ann and Joy came right on time and in a much nicer mood than yesterday.

April 12, 2013 » Ciara & Jenny Part 2: A BJ to remember! April 10, 2013 » Joy: Ann’s skinny sweetheart friend!

2 years ago, I was still very romantic and even had a girlfriend…

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