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17-Jul-2014 00:41

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Even the less central teachers get weird personalities, though, and P3P continues that trend.

The greatest standouts here have to be the math teacher who can’t seem to do math problems without getting three wildly different answers, and the Japanese history teacher who can’t shut up about the Sengoku era and breezes over whole centuries-long time periods in a couple of minutes because he only wants to talk about samurai and bushido and all that stuff.

It takes the form of two X’s and two straight lines.

Unless I’m crazy, I would say it looks just like the Roman numeral XXII. Anyone who knows even two sentences of information about the Persona series knows that the tarot is one of its key themes, even going back as far as the old Persona games on the Playstation.

You can also dress up all three in fantasy-style bikini armor, which is prominently featured in Tartarus early on in glowing yellow chests.

And as Igor tells you near the beginning of P3, you, the player character, are 0, “The Fool”, the card that represents infinite possibilities (or something.) If you take a closer look at the tarot, however, you’ll find that The Fool is categorized both as Arcana 0 and Arcana XXII.

Thus, the female protagonist’s XXII hairclip/band thing.

Note: I just realized that none of this post makes any sense unless you’ve played Persona 3 already.

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So maybe don’t bother reading this unless you have.

Most of the links seem to be with the same characters, but much of the contents of the links are different because of the player character’s opposite sex.

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