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14-Nov-2015 01:14

A couple of days ago, my sister laughingly turned her phone around to show me a post on Facebook. “Limited seats available at the ' Him & Her Matrimonial Match-making Event' in Islamabad. The next morning, my phone was filled with messages from single friends asking “What is wrong with people, why can't they mind their own business?!A single friend of ours had been 'tagged' in a post about a matrimonial meet-up event that is taking place at the Islamabad Club on December 10th. ” The answer to this question brings me to my point: no matter which social class you belong to, after a certain age being single is one of the more controversial ways you can choose to live your life in Pakistan today.The problem is any country whose name means “Land of the Pure” and whose motto is ” Faith, unity, disciple”, the society has male-female interaction under lock-down.Therefore, to find لڑکیوں کے فون نمبر it might be a challenge, yet with 180 million people, not impossible. If you go to Pakistani websites with girls photos, names, emails and numbers they are fake and posted by some guy. Better is to read my advice here, follow it and find the Shahzada, Rani or Malika of your dreams.Mine is not the freedom the majority of girls in Pakistan have.Which is why being sensitive about the 'marriage question' is more important than ever. Restricted to educated and business class only," followed by timings and the venue. Things snowballed and my single friends continued to be tagged in this post. Married friends began tagging single people on the post as if there was no tomorrow, saying 'maybe you'll have better luck finding a partner here! Were people singling out unmarried friends because the poster was tacky or because they thought it's unfortunate and rather sad to be single in your late 20s and 30s?

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Women make approximately 51 percent of the population in Pakistan, our mental well being is key, and we need encouragement to become agents of change through their economic and social contributions.

After all, the horror stories of the “ drills” that some of my friends have been through were fresh in my mind.

Not again, I thought to myself, not in front of so many people.

Battling social pressure is a constant struggle and a serious concern for the majority of girls living in Pakistan. So if you have a single friend — don't constantly ask them when they'll be ready to 'settle down.' Ask them about work, or what books they've read, or anything else, really.

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