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26-Mar-2015 08:15

Matt Connolly has one of the newest sites on the market – launched on 26 October, his my Lovely Parent site - which encourages children of singles in their 50s and over to recommend their parents for dates - uses a platform he created from scratch.“There's very little consideration or customisation you can do for your specific audience when white-labeling,” he told Huff Post UK.

White labeling can erode many of those problems, although some believe following that path can make your brand feel “soulless”.As a result, the last 12 months have been very successful, seeing increases in revenue of over 300%.” Many use sites like White Label to provide a generic software platform to take care of payment processing and customer support, freeing up time to focus on driving traffic to websites.However, anyone thinking of joining the industry now had better be prepared for a fiercely competitive market.“There's (also) the issue that the people who sign up to your site are visible across potentially hundreds of other sites, and that just doesn't feel right.

If I join a niche dating site.” Connolly decided to take the expensive option of building the technology from scratch. “We want to positively impact the lives of people first and foremost.” Rise of the tailored dating sites Niche’s like Connolly’s are a growing trend – among some of the better known are JDate, which focuses on Jewish singletons, Asiand8 and Muslim & Single.

Matthew Pitt, operations director at Global Personals, which is the driving force behind more than 7,500 dating sites globally, warned “if you are thinking of joining the industry now, you are very unlikely to be successful - unless you have very deep pockets and a differentiated dating offering”.