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One motorist, who would not be named, said she eventually paid the fine online after many SMSs and scores of e-mails, as she believed she would be ­taken to court as the e-mails had said.Summonses can only be issued by the clerk of the court and can only be served by a certified peace officer (who is obliged to produce his/her certificate if requested to do so when serving a ­summons).

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The company added that it was ­unaware of people being turned away when trying to renew their vehicle ­licences, saying licence renewals were a “matter for the municipality”.This was confirmed by the KZN director of public prosecutions Sophy Moipone Noko, via her spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson-Kara.Noko said in terms of her ­directive, matters brought after two years were not prosecuted “for ­fairness’s sake”, unless in ­exceptional cases such as when there was reason to believe that an offender had deliberately evaded service of a summons. The company said it is the service provider for “traffic management contravention hardware and systems at the municipality, which includes the enforcement of speed limits by camera”.

Msunduzi is only one of several ­municipalities around the country which have contracted TMT to perform this function.TMT added that regulations 27 and 59 of the National Road Traffic Regulations 2000 allowed a municipality to refuse to renew licences.