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Linda knew that Tom went to Planet Fitness most mornings, so that’s where she went. Thomas.“I didn’t see anybody trying to do CPR, I didn’t see anything going on. Nunez says the affair was going well -- and kept going --even after Linda’s husband, the man he called his best friend -- learned about it. That is one of the most peculiar parts of this case.

And it’s where Gil Nunez went when he said he heard something bad had happened.“When he initially got there, he ran towards Tom Kolman’s vehicle, saying, ‘What happened? “That’s not my definition of a best friend,” said Det. “I wanted to talk to him so I can explain to him that this is not something that I plan on … Chances are pretty good you’ve never heard of an affair quite like the one Dr.

The love triangle was news to the rest of the Kolman family, who did not learn about the affair until after Tom’s death.“Do you believe that he approved of this affair?

Gilberto Nunez was having with his best friend’s wife, Linda Kolman.

For one thing, Nunez wanted to tell his friend, Tom Kolman, all about it.

He has to be fine -- he has to be.”Tom’s mother, Marie, and father, Tom Sr., were proud of their son who had a doctorate in physical therapy.“He just had a kindness about him,” Marie Kolman said. They were still waiting for the final autopsy results, but they remembered something from the day they met him. And, they believed, that surveillance footage, though very blurry, also showed a white SUV. So, police called Nunez in for an interview three days after Tom’s death. Police: When was the last time you were with Linda? ” Schlesinger asked the investigators.“Oh, he was still in love with her too,” Det. “ …he wanted to make that clear.”“So that seems to me, anyway, to be -- to be unusual. ” Schlesinger asked.“I guess at the time, no,” said Nunez.“This guy was your friend, her husband.”“Yes, he was my friend.”“That’s awkward,” Schlesinger commented.“That is really awkward,” Nunez agreed.

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“He was always there for everyone.” “You’re raising somebody and you have hopes and they fulfill those hopes and they become successful it’s great,” said Tom Kolman Sr. Gilberto Nunez: Like, meaning, like intimately or -- just to console her? It might have been awkward, but it didn’t stop Nunez or Linda.

A few days later, Nunez says he went to beg Tom for forgiveness.

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