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A 42-days test carried out in the course of the current study revealed that the system provides stable analysis results over a lengthy period of time. Schuhmann (2016): Intercalation compounds as inner reference electrodes enable reproducible and robust solid-contact ion-selective electrodes, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201600111 Dr.

“We now have to search for other electrode materials with the capacity of storing other positively charged ions, such as sodium or potassium ions,” says Schuhmann.

Previously, the analysis system has contained an electrolyte solution, which likewise contains the ion type that has to be analysed.

The principle is as follows: the ions migrate through the membrane until their concentration is equal on both sides.

Since the ions are positively charged, the electrical charge inside the analysis system will differ from that in the analysed liquid.

A reference electrode submerged in the electrolyte solution measures the difference in electrical charge.

They have a membrane which is permeable only to the selected ion type that is to be analysed.

“Our progress so far has been encouraging.” Funding The German Research Foundation has financed the project under the umbrella of the Cluster of Excellence Resolv (EXC 1069).