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Fillmore supported Henry Clay's Omnibus Bill (the basis of the 1850 Compromise) though Taylor did not.After President Taylor died in July 1850, Fillmore dismissed the cabinet and changed the administration's policy.And although she's tried her best to hide their relationship woes, she confirmed their split via Twitter on Jan. (The pair share college-aged daughter Avery.) PHOTOS: Hellish Housewives weddings The split may have caught some off guard, but Singer's new love interest is surprised himself -- for quite a different reason. '" Millard was overheard telling another bar patron at one point in the evening.The ex-girlfriend of Dellen Millard pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice on Tuesday, negating the need for a trial on being an accessory to the murder of Tim Bosma after the fact.Christina Noudga had been charged for her role in moving an incinerator used to burn the remains of Bosma, whose May 2013 disappearance and subsequent murder sparked national headlines.At Millard’s trial, Noudga testified that she helped Millard move the incinerator at a farm property Millard owned on Roseville Road in North Dumfries, and never asked him why they were moving it.Obscure today, Fillmore has been praised by some for his foreign policy, but he is criticized by others for his enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act and for his association with the Know Nothings.

He helped to found the University of Buffalo, serving as its first chancellor.Statements made by Noudga at Millard’s trial could not have been used against her at her own trial.On Tuesday, court heard that Noudga told police about her actions as they were investigating Bosma’s death – and told them that she did not know Bosma had been killed.Defeated in bids for the Whig nomination for vice president in 1844, and for New York governor the same year, Fillmore was elected Comptroller of New York in 1847, the first to hold that post by direct election.

Fillmore received the Whig vice presidential nomination in 1848 as Taylor's running mate, and the two were elected.Ramona Singer was spotted out on a sexy date with a much younger man on Jan.