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08-Feb-2017 17:53

That said, if the OP is reading this you are still quite young (I think your profile said 31) and you're attractive to say the least. If you were 41 I'd tell you to move on from the idea of marriage.

I don't think marriage is the end all to be all, however there is more to it legally than just children.

I was just having a conversation with a woman in her early 40's who has never been married and really, really wants to be married. I know I can't speak for all men but I have to believe most divorced men feel the same way about marriage like I do.

In short, the day I moved out of my home because I was asked to I felt like someone died.

I have two sons (11 & 9) and I'm only 38 years old. I have no desire to be raising children in my 50's therefore there is no reason for me to marry.

The original poster REALLY needs to understand this.

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There is no upside to being married vs living together or just staying bf/gf if there are no children involved.

To me, that's the business part of marriage that people forget when they get all stuck on the emotional part of it. From things I've read, just looking for marriage, even if you don't talk about it to the guy, can scare them away as most people can sense when someone is commitment hungry.