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24-Jan-2017 04:18

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It’s always surprising and you’re constantly wondering whether they don’t have the faintest smile on their faces as they confound you at every turn. Certainly the most self-assured rock band in the UK or Ireland right immediately shows the strength in depth of the Northern Irish music scene.Tell Me Something I Don’t Know begins with bluesy swing so irresistible you’d be forgiven for thinking it was emanating from a Bourbon Street bar rather than the streets of Belfast.The local council no doubt deeming it not worth their while even putting one in as no one would use it. That and if I ever get married and have kids I’m gonna need to drive my pregnant wife to the hospital.

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They are of course not touched with the same divine genius of Seamus Heaney but I humbly over them to his memory, to his fans, to our fans and to his wonderful family and extended family many of whom i met last night. Last night meant the world to me to say thank you to Mr Heaney for everything he gave me in life for it wasn’t until I read him that i started writing in the first place.More Camille Dalmais than Daft Punk, but maybe with the swagger of the latter if not the sound.