Liebe mitglieder online dating

13-Feb-2016 21:53

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My husband and I met when decided to join Afro Introductions on August of 2014,just two weeks later I saw his photo and I was instantly drawn to him so I sent him a love heart and he responded with a text .

At first I thought it would be like some other guys who asked for inappropriate pictures but I was surprised when he turned out to be a normal guy whom I found myself automatically opening up to .

We had late night conversations for months, then the time came where it was time to meet her and she blew my mind.

I can't wait to keep meeting up, chatting, and going out on dates with Nick.

I took her to downtown Los Angeles for our first date. Next I took her to this amazing little Italian restaurant.

She had been flying into Los Angeles two times a month for the past 6 months but never had the opportunity to be inside the city. I'm Italian, so i know a good Italian restaurant when I find one. After that, we finished our date with a walk around Los Angeles. We had our first kiss next to the Grand Park fountain.

I cant wait to see her next on her flight back here. Never in my life have I had this amazing of a connection with anyone.

I know it was only our first date, but I can see myself with this woman for a long time.

My partner is a flight attendant and I live in Los Angeles California. Then we met up on her next flight to Los Angeles California.