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24-Feb-2016 01:17

The court was considering an appeal filed by 31-year-old Ratheesh Ramachandran of Ernakulam challenging a sessions court's judgment of April 2012 convicting him for rape.The complainant, a 27-year-old engineering graduate, had alleged in August 2008 that she was taken to a hotel where the accused had sex with her with force and she was thereafter subjected to sexual intercourse thrice at her home on different dates.“Girls in the hostel have been instructed not to lock their doors, even while changing clothes.The principal says we are closing rooms to secretly use mobile phones or because we are homosexuals.The food you ate is either the best medicine or the slow poison.An unhealthy habits results in obesity and - over weight the threat of your health.The nursing college is managed by the Upasana Charitable Society, run by billionaire businessman Ravi Pillai.

Declaring that the appellant is not guilty of the offence of rape, the court held, "On an appreciation of the entire evidence including the Ext.KOCHI: An educated woman engaging in sex multiple times with a person who has promised to marry her can only be treated as consensual and not rape, says the Kerala high court.Even an uneducated woman cannot be cheated more than once or twice on the promise of marriage, the court said while setting aside a conviction for rape.According to protesters, the principal, MP Jessykutty mocked students belonging to lower castes with casteist remarks and fined them without reason.

“The principal imposes fines on us for all kinds of reasons.It is quite unbelievable that she could be easily deceived on a marriage promise on many occasions.