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Rising at 1,023 feet (312 m), Bank of America Plaza is also the tallest building in any of the U. The Federal government maintains a strong prescience in Downtown. Further north in the Fairlie-Poplar district of Downtown is the U. The Fulton County Courthouse is located directly across the street from the Fulton County Government Center. Downtown is home to all of the city's major sporting venues.

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By 1836, the state-financed Western and Atlantic Railroad, linking the middle of Georgia to the other states north and west, was founded by the legislature and signed into law by Lumpkin.

By 1990, Five Points was a "vacant shell of its former self," while Downtown as a whole was largely an "archepelagic assemblage of fortified enclaves inhabited in the daylight hours by government office workers, conventioners, and college students, and in the night by a substantial population of homeless persons." The 1996 Olympic Games, along with the transformation of Georgia State University from a commuter school to a traditional college, initiated a resurgence of Downtown that continues today.