Intimidating baby names dating for a year and half

25-Sep-2014 02:56

Again, this will greatly facilitate her internal pride and appreciation of sharing his/her unusual name with such a majestically beautiful, oftentimes intimidating, super rad namesake, Lhotse.Bottom Line: Best name ever..just takes a while to appreciate it.You know, that guy who makes folks roll their eyes or stare blankly when they hear the baby’s “hip” or intentionally unusual furniture- or foreign city-inspired name that is spelled with seven extra consonants and a random apostrophe? Your kid will not be more unique just because you buck the rules of written English and change Mark to Marq. I thought my friend was kidding, but you can’t make stuff like this up. We high-fived each other for our hilarious originality, but really, with this trend of inventing unique names, the odds are slim that Glophia isn’t already taken.They will not be more mysterious or well-rounded if you spell it S’mantha and not Samantha. Poor Le-ah is going to be insane by the time she’s 4. In the end, we had no reason to invent a name, so we didn’t. Obviously, you can name your kid whatever you want, so really my point is this: if you’re going give your kid a goofy name, have a damn good reason. On a related note, if you’re going to be “that guy” and give your kid an effed up name, don’t also be the guy who refuses to share the name because you’re afraid of negative commentary or feedback.Rest assured she/he won't likely remain "Riley" for more than a few days before the reminders, questions and explanations of name-change become more annoying than the simple, "Low-tsee, it's a mountain in Tibet". I hope this beautiful name serves you as well as it has served me!If you have searched for 'Gothic Baby Names' then "Congratulations" must be in order.

Comforting reminders about how truly special the name is, and dismissals such as, "one day you will appreciate it," serve little short-term consultation. As a former marketing guru (and current, Lhotse), my experience supports that popular familiarity/association, with such a cool and unusual name (even after just a few short years of grammar school), the ordinary generics will seldom gain traction.

I have always liked the name and I felt it went well with my Sicilian last name. Gianna Michaels, American pornographic actress Gianna Nannini, Italian female singer-songwriter and rock musician.

Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, Greek businesswoman and politician.

The most common mispronunciation is, "Um, I can't pronounce this one", followed by "el-HOT-see", "Lots", "this must be a misprint, last name is Xx", "Lowsty", and all versions of any common name starting with the letter "L" (Leslie, Lucy, Lottie, etc.) Unique Upside: The name, Lhotse, is always a useful conversation starter in new and/or intimidating introductions to people one might otherwise find themselves acting a fool.

And, Hell, it's educational and enlightening for those unfamiliar; so your child will sound exotic and smart, even if they are not! Geographic/Demographic Advice: If you are debating calling your brewing babe, Lhotse, I moderately advise you to reside or relocate to an outdoorsy community or ski town (better) for the first 10-15 years of this child's life. If you want to name your kid Esmeralda Ireland because it was your grandma’s name and grandpa’s birth country, OK. Maybe the name is weird, but you have a nice reason for choosing it.

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